blind|fold «BLYND FOHLD», verb, adjective, adverb, noun.
1. to cover the eyes of: »

The robbers blindfolded and bound their victim.

2. to cover (the eyes) with a cloth, etc.: »

They blindfolded my eyes for a week after the operation.

3. Figurative. to darken the understanding or judgment of: »

Prejudice blindfolds the mind.

–adj., adv.
1. with the eyes covered or as if covered: »

“I am going to bring a plane down practically blindfold,” he said (New Yorker). I was made…to play ten games simultaneously and blindfold against the junior chess club (Punch).

2. Figurative. reckless; heedless: »

With blindfold fury she begins to forage (Shakespeare).

a cloth or other thing for covering the eyes.
[Middle English blindfellen < blind + fellen strike down; influenced by English fold]

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